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A pile of medical waste from a scrap Station
Source:      Date:2017-03-08
Every day in the hospital will happen a lot of the time of infusion bag, infusion tube, infusion bottle and a number of medical waste, they all finished the solution after the physician nurses thrown into the waste bin, the medical waste eventually go to? Hongkong recycling Electronics
Recently, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau for more than three months, successfully detected the first case of medical waste pollution in Nanjing City, captured 3 suspects, including 1 people were arrested and 2 people were released on bail. And in the scene, a waste purchase station seized medical waste about 13.5 tons, the practice verified that the suspect bought, reselling medical waste more than 3000 tons, involving more than 4000 yuan worth. 3 suspects have been prosecuted recently.
More people are shaking, suspects reselling these medical wastes through layers of hands, after processing, actually turned into our cutlery on the table, fake brands of plastic toys etc..
Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau launched the inventory remediation action in one zone Yanziji Gu village, according to the surrounding masses, in the vicinity of a waste in buying stations piled up many hospital infusion bag, infusion bottles and other waste.
Openly, the police in the home village 1, this waste purchase station, found a lot of medical infusion bags, infusion tubes, infusion bottles and other medical waste, piling up mountains. Police on the scene saw that these medical waste piled up on the ground in the open, and other days, waste thick in one, while in some infusion bags also with needles.
In addition, the police found that these medical waste were classified in batches, the infusion bag into the infusion bag, infusion tube into the infusion tube, infusion bottle into the infusion bottle, and classified bagging.
The field of medical wastes with snakeskin or black plastic bags, each bag is mixed with a fluid pipe, one of the syringes and needles, hazardous waste, disorder of shocking scene. In addition, the site also filled with the smell, in the summer heat is disgusting, and so rich in taste and noise, let people around the great views.
For the previous work, the ad hoc group conducted careful analysis of the case. After investigation, the suspect Zhang Mou for 2012 years, from Nanjing to several hospitals every month ranging from 800 yuan -1000 yuan price to recover the mixed needle and infusion tube of medical waste, and the hospital each month up to ten tons of medical waste so.
After investigation, the recovery of these medical wastes, Zhang Moumou will hire workers back to the medical waste classification in accordance with a plastic soft infusion bag, a plastic infusion bottle and an infusion glass bottle, a plastic soft infusion bag with mechanical austerity package, a plastic bottle infusion destroy into plastic particles by destroying machine, processing one step into the sale to Suqian, Zhejiang and other places.
It is understood that medical disposable infusion bag (bottle) made of plastic particles, namely polypropylene and polyethylene, is an important material for making plastic products. And through the police inquiries found that these plastic particles through reprocessing, and even become a number of black heart manufacturers, used to produce counterfeit well-known brands of plastic toys, tableware and so on.
According to police investigators, because medical disposable infusion bag as plastic products, quality, grade request very high, into plastic products, excellent raw materials. Police in the inventory process, but also seized a lot of raw materials made of plastic tableware, plastic toys.