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Advantages of waste recycling resources
Source:      Date:2017-08-21

Compared with the use of natural resources, the use of renewable resources can greatly save energy, water resources and production of auxiliary materials, reduce production costs and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, many mineral resources have non-renewable features, which determine the invaluable value of recycling of renewable resources.

First, the industry has great potential for development. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual recoverable renewable resources are nearly 100 million tons, worth more than 200 billion yuan, of which more than 40 million tons of steel scrap, more than 30 million tons of waste paper, more than 5 million tons of waste non-ferrous metals, 6 million tons of waste plastics Tons, over 50 million waste tires, and more than 10 million tons of other waste materials. In addition, in recent years, China has also imported more than 20 million tons of renewable resources each year. If the industrial and mining enterprises add self-used waste, China's annual recycling value of renewable resources can reach more than 400 billion yuan.

Second, provide more job opportunities. According to statistics from 2002, there are more than 5,000 renewable energy recycling companies in the country, with 160,000 recycling sites (nearly 400,000 unregistered or temporary recycling outlets), more than 3,000 recycling processing plants, and 1.4 million employees. If there are migrant workers who have collected waste in the city, there are currently nearly 10 million employed people in the recycling industry in China. Third, great contribution to social and economic development. Recycling renewable resources not only has better economic value, but also has considerable social and environmental benefits. In the five years during the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” period alone, China’s accumulated recycling of 160 million tons of waste steel and over 40 million tons of waste paper was equivalent to saving 320 million tons of finished iron ore and 64 million tons of standard coal. , 120 million cubic meters of wood, 2.4 million kilowatts of electricity, 24 billion cubic meters of water. What's more important is to save valuable land resources occupied by landfills and reduce pollution to the atmosphere.