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Strict regulation of medical waste recycling and disposal, to ensure that people's health and the environment free from pollution
Source:      Date:2017-05-06
The outflow from different hospitals more dirty infusion bags, urine bag, mixed with medical gloves, cotton swab or syringes and needles, being processed into recycled plastic raw materials, from Hunan to Hebei...... In June 5th, the Hunan Provincial High Court informed with a typical case: a court trial found that more than 140 tons of medical waste and medical waste in Hunan province Miluo ancient Peizhen a secluded farmhouse, by criminals Qiu et al after crushing, sold to the Hebei in Langfang and other places of the "under the line". In the case there from Hunan, Hubei, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places of the 12 due to environmental pollution crime jailed.
Medical waste is high-risk products, improper disposal can create environmental pollution, infection diseases. Moreover, after the medical waste is recovered, it is made into recycled plastic. If the recycled plastic is used in the cups and tableware, it will bring great danger to the health of the consumers Now, because of the "environmental pollution crime" for the 12, and was fined, is to blame. As a result, it will also greatly shock the other criminals who buy Medical waste.
The case of medical waste pollution has exposed the gap between medical treatment and disposal of medical waste. One, but also reminded the functional part of the medical waste collection, disposal and other aspects of the absence of supervision. Although the case of medical waste pollution has been sentenced and severely punished 12 criminals, this can not be concluded. Strict standards for the recovery and disposal of medical waste, to ensure public health and the environment free from pollution, there are many things to do, there is still a long way to go.
First, medical waste pollution case, can not stop to punish medical waste off and illegal remanufacturers. The sale of medical waste dark chain, hitting at least part of the demand for medical institutions, illegal property companies and medical waste disposal company. Some hospitals treat medical waste on their own. They are afraid of trouble and save money. They give the disposal right of medical waste to the property company and no longer supervise the flow of medical waste. There is no doubt that it provides the possibility of medical waste, polluting the environment and even threatening people's health. Well, such hospitals and property companies should not be punished?
Second, medical institutions, according to government rules, dispose of medical waste to the government's designated, gifted company. The medical waste disposal company according to "medical waste management regulations", after the collection of medical waste, medical waste, to classify them, then the high temperature disinfection, eventually classification -- or buried or burned or recycled. But some medical waste disposal companies have been selling third copies of the waste to the safe side to save costs, leading to a runaway regulation of medical waste. Therefore, these illegal medical waste treatment companies should also be punished.
Third, we for medical waste treatment and management, there exist different degrees of problems, the lack of ability to handle gathered to digest the medical waste disposal company is not strong, the underlying regulatory power is weak, the demand of Wei, environmental protection, development and reform, housing construction and other part of the joint research process. Obviously, the government should improve the medical waste disposal mechanism, set up a scientific disposal process, and help the company improve the level of medical waste treatment.