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What's the difference between a waste recycling station and a waste recycling company?
Source:      Date:2018-01-03
The difference between the waste recycling station and the waste recycling company: The waste recycling station is small in size and belongs to the self-employed households. The waste recycling company has a large scale and belongs to the legal person enterprise. The waste companies receive more advanced and more specific recycling than the recycling stations, and the waste companies recover part of them from the recycling station. Waste Recycling Station As the name implies, the recycling center mainly engaged in the recycling of waste products, based on its own advantages, collects paid or abandoned materials from enterprises or individuals for compensation, reduces environmental pollution, improves the recycling of materials, turns waste into treasure, and benefits the country and the people.
One is the acquisition station in the city. Its business activities are the acquisition of waste materials from factory enterprises and residents. Through classified processing, it is then supplied to factory enterprises as production raw materials. It is the starting point or intermediate link for the circulation of goods. Most of the resources acquired by the city's recycling (acquisition) stations come from factories and factories, so it is mainly in the middle of production and productive consumption.
The other type is the rural recycling (acquisition) station. Its business activity is to purchase waste materials from the township enterprises and farmers, and then supply it to the city's specialized procurement stations or professional management stores. Its status is mainly in the circulation of rural waste materials to cities. Of course, there are also a small number of materials that can be used as raw materials to directly supply township enterprises as production raw materials. In short, through the acquisition of the station's circulation link, the consumption excretion of material information and the re-use of production materials are closely combined to promote the further development of production and better meet the needs of the people.